This Pathfinder campaign started after the Avanari began negotiating a peace treaty with the Valleans. Being winter the Avanari knew they would not be able to advance much further and went to negotiating table hopeing to consolidate their recent gains.
Being followers of Set (from the original Conan not the Egyptian god) the Avanari are not expected to really want peace, but the Valleans are using negotiations as a cover to grab back as much land as possible before the talks end.
The characters started in the burnt out town of Bradford. Before the war it was the central trading town for the Bradford province. At first the group was content to clean out remnants of the Avanari army and undead that were left behind.
As the characters grew more powerful (the average group level is 7th)they became aware that while the Setites formally have withdrawn, elements of the Avanari army still remain. For more information or to interact with players in the game please visit our Facebook campaign page:

Aftermath of the Seventh War of Avanari Agression